Meet Miriam

Miriam Hughes works everyday to bring creativity alive in as many people as possible through teaching, sharing and selling her work.

Miriam, artist, sketcher and a generally good humored person, will guide you on this journey to discover the power of creative energy. Miriam works in pastels, watercolors and fibers and she finds sketching almost daily to be more fun than eating ice cream, sleeping or doing real work.

“I feel an active creative spirit is the most valuable mental health tool available to mankind and if I had my way, every human on earth would be required to draw, sketch, or paint something every day!” - MMH

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I love art and I love making a living being creative. Join me on the journey!
— Miriam


As soon as I overcame my fear of allowing color and water to run together and took advantage of the magic of vibrancy mixed with the transparency of this medium, my paintings became more joyful, mildly abstract, and downright fun to create.  A former medical illustrator, I used to want to create tight, detailed and very accurate paintings.  Elements of my style still have a lot of line work and tight detail, however my joy is in combining them with loose washes of vibrant color!


In the quest to overcome my trepidations about using too much color, acrylic were added to my repertoire.  My mission is to avoid being too tight and illustrative, and this medium guides me in a direction that encourages a free and looser style.  As I explore more of the art forms that I love and am influenced by, I experiment with incorporating them into my style without reproducing or copying the style. 


If I were to rule the world, my first action would be to supply everyone with a sketchbook and sketching tools (brushes, pencils, crayons, etc.) and guide the citizens of the world in opening our eyes, turning off our judgmental brains and really see one another and our surroundings.  Allowing yourself to sketch freely, in whatever style, is for me, a form of prayer.  Sketching should not be laborious or fear inducing, but a way to allow ourselves to be part of the world. Sharing our sketches, regardless of how good or bad WE think they are, is a freeing way to grow as an artist and a human being.

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Classes and Workshops

As an instructor, I teach my students that our childlike images may never go away, but we should never judge them or even discourage them.  The key to art, and to my teaching, is to allow growth to be combined with technique, education of materials, and having fun. 

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Miriam in Action!

Miriam Hughes is a talented watercolor painter/instructor living in Hendersonville, NC! Miriam is a one-of-a-kind creative gem who specializes in guiding people to discover their innate talent while having fun. 

“The more I play and experiment, the more I see myself growing into the sort of artist I want to be for the rest of my life.”
— Miriam