The beginning of a new adventure...

I have a lot to say, but I no longer need to be heard by very many people. I do need to listen to myself , however, and this new blog is the beginning of what I anticipate to be part of a two year journey in a new direction.

I am not giving up art, or teaching, two of my passions. I just want more of…something. More depth in my art? More exploration in my teaching AND learning? More mediums to explore? Or less?

Follow me as I explore the itch. Feel free to offer feedback or suggestions. Be aware I will listen but I will unlikely not take least rarely will I take it. I do promise I will never “yes, but” anyone. Including myself.

What I know from living my life so far is that I do achieve a lot of my goals. Sometimes before I even realize or formulate a plan. So this time, I am constructing a plan.

I am excited to see what i come up with! Join me on this exciting journey.